For two decades, SMART has been a cost-effective and nimble partner to the public school system and community programs. Our proven program helps boost reading readiness in Oregon’s most vulnerable children, so that they’re better prepared for academic success. We’re the state’s largest volunteer-based literacy non-profit.

The model is simple, yet unique: pair an adult volunteer with PreK through 3rd grade students for an hour per week for one-on-one reading support. Research tells us that children who aren’t reading at benchmark levels by 3rd grade will face significant educational and life challenges. We work to avoid this outcome entirely and reroute Oregon’s children toward more successful futures.

SMART volunteers provide valuable mentorship and support children’s efforts to learn to read within the school setting, serving the population of children who need it most. Each child also receives new books to take home and keep throughout the course of the year, as research shows that availability of reading materials in the home significantly improves literacy outcomes.

Over the course of our 20-year history, we’ve served 144,000 children and given away 1.9 million books. These impressive accomplishments have been made possible with the help of nearly 100,000 community volunteers.

Visit www.GetSMARTOregon.org for more information.