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Connie Freiermuth, Tillamook County

I bonded with the second grader who I read with over goats. He was one of six boys whose family operated a goat farm. He liked to read books about animals and, during our reading time, he told me each boy in his family was responsible for caring for their own small herd of 5-6 goats.

I had recently returned from a volunteer mission in Southern Sudan and I told my reader about how all the goats wandered all over the town of Juba during the day eating from the piles of rubbish. Every morning the goat owners let their goats out and every afternoon at 5:00 pm the goats went home. I shared a picture of a goat on a war-torn street in Juba, the capital of Southern Sudan, with my reader so he could tell me what kind of goats lived in Juba. He said they were Nubian goats – the same kind his family was raising on their farm.

He took the picture home to confirm with his father and the next time we read together, with a big smile, he told me that his father agreed that the goat in my picture were Nubian. This little boy was so curious and a joy to work with twice a week.

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