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Dawn Chavez, Crook County

I have many great SMART memories over the past 16 years. A little boy I had right after I started volunteering for SMART sticks in my mind as he was so thrilled each reading day. He was so polite, and on the last reading day for the season I gave him a bookmark I had made. He looked at it, looked at me and said, “I have a box with all my special things in it, this is gonna go in there so I can keep it forever.” I had a little girl one year who acted as if she could have cared less to come and read. I told her it was going to be the last reading day for the year the following week and she looked at me, her eyes started to well up and she said, “you mean I’ll never see you again?” Oh my, it nearly brought me to tears. I had a kindergarten reader, I was lucky enough to watch her grow up and graduate high school, she went off to college and I ran into her at the Post Office the other day. She told me she had a fantastic job in Southern California and was so excited to start. I love reading and I love to share books with the kids I read with each year.

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